Pink Beach Lombok, Hanya Ada 2 di Dunia & Salah Satunya di Indonesia!

Visiting Pink Beach in Lombok, Indonesia (Updated for 2021)

Pink Beach is a 2-hour drive from Mataram city (3 hours from Tanjung). The best way to get there is by private car hire with a driver-guide. Alternatively you can get there by hiring a fishing boat from Tanjung Luar Port. The journey by sea takes around 3 hours, but you will see the wonderful scenery of southern Lombok en route.

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Pink Beach is one of a newly introduced tourist attraction in East Lombok, approx 3 hours drive from Senggigi, Lombok. Best time to be there is around 12:00 to 3:00 pm, as the color of the sand brighter from the reflections of the sunshine and the blue clear water.. Jl. Intermilan 85-87 Puri Meninting Batu Layar, Lombok, NTB 83355, Indonesia.

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In the vast expanse of Indonesia's islands, a hidden gem defies nature's usual colour palette: Lombok's Pink Beach (not to be confused with the equally stunning Pink Beach at Labuan Bajo). With its rose-tinted sands and clear turquoise waters, it's a slice of paradise that has captured the imagination of travellers worldwide.

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Pink beaches are rare, that's why there are only a few pink sandy beaches around the world! But there are a whopping two of them in Indonesia! The most famous one is in Komodo National Park, the other lesser known Pink Beach is in Lombok. Located in a remote area of Lombok's east coast, Pink Beach is not an easy place to visit.

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Pink Beach is located near the fishing village Sekaroh in Jerowaru, the most southeastern point of Lombok Island. South of Lombok Island is beach heaven. Pink Beach is the farthest beach from Kuta at the very southeast corner of the island, and the easternmost point of the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula.


Pink Beach Lombok - A Boat Tour in the East Pink Beach Lombok - A Boat Tour in the East In Indonesia, Lombok, Southeast Asia | By Marcel Dieser Artikel ist auch verfügbar auf: Deutsch When most people think of Pink Beach, they think of a completely pink beach, often confused with the one on Komodo.

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Pink Beach, Lombok Overview. Tangsi Pink Beach in East Lombok is among the world's only ten known beaches with sumptuous pink sand. Separated from other beaches by Manja Hills, Pink Beach is flanked by picturesque cliffs and sheltered bays for canoeing. It is also Lombok's best snorkeling and diving destination, with exceptional underwater.

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September 7, 2023 80 Introduction Welcome to Pink Beach Lombok, a hidden gem nestled along the picturesque coastline of Lombok island in Indonesia. Known for its unique pink-colored sand, this stunning beach offers a one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike.

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Located on the southeast corner of Lombok is a natural phenomenon known as Pink Beach, or Tangsi Beach. Apparently, there are only a handful (the exact number seems a little sporadic) of pink sand beaches in the world, a few of which are in Indonesia. Pink Beach on Lombok gets its pink tint from a natural mix of crushed, dead coral and white sand.

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Pink Beach (also known as Tangsi Beach) on the island of Lombok in Indonesia is known for its unique pink sand. The color of the sand is caused by the presence of red coral and red microorganisms that live on the coral reef nearby.. Pink Beach on Lombok is one of only seven pink beaches in the world, and it's a popular destination for.

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It's called the Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach) and it's one of the very few pink sand beaches in the world. Interestingly, Indonesia boasts two of these beautiful pink beaches (one of which is on Lombok's neighbour island - Flores). Dead red coral fragments brought on by the waves blend together with white sand, which gives it its glorious.

Pink Beach Lombok, Hanya Ada 2 di Dunia & Salah Satunya di Indonesia!

Pink Beach in Lombok is one of ten beaches in the world that are pink, and Indonesia is home to two - with the other found in Komodo Island. The calm waters of Pink Beach make it a beautiful place to snorkel in or spend the day relaxing in the sun.

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Pink Lombok Beach (Pink Beach Lombok) or Tangsi Beach is one of the few beaches in the world that has a unique pink colored sand. This beach is pink due to white sand that blends with the grains of a dead red coral.

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Pink Beach is located at the southern tip of East Lombok, approximately 1.5 hours' drive from Lombok International Airport. Pink Beach lombok can be reached by private vehicles, both cars and motorcycles. The roads are relatively smooth and beautiful. Throughout the journey to Pink Beach Lombok, you are treated to the lushness of trees and.

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