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Fill a tumbler with ice to chill. Pour the rum or tequila into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Roll the lime, then cut in half and cut one slice to garnish. Squeeze the juice into the cocktail shaker and add the cranberry sauce. Shake up the cocktail thoroughly, strain into the tumbler of ice, add the lime slice and a few cranberries.

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1. Desert Shield The Desert Shield is a cranberry liqueur cocktail with a kick. It's made with more vodka and a touch of cranberry liqueur, bringing out the sweetness of the cranberry flavor. The addition of four ounces of cranberry juice gives it a healthy twist. It's perfect for sipping along with dinner or for an evening out.

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1. Vodka Cranberry Vodka Cranberry is a classic cocktail that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Made with chilled vodka, cranberry juice, and a squeeze of fresh lime, it's a refreshing and versatile drink that can be enjoyed year-round. With just a few ingredients, it's easy to make and customize to your liking.

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Cranberry juice cocktail is sweetened, often with added sugars or high-fructose corn syrup. Most traditional versions of cranberry cocktail recipes use this; even if they specify "cranberry juice" in the recipe, it often means cranberry juice cocktail. These cranberry cocktail recipes use unsweetened juice!

Cranberry Gin Cocktail Healthy Green Kitchen

It's fizzy, refreshing, and the perfect summer cocktail with a boozy punch. Ingredients: vodka, cranberry juice, lime wedge, Smirnoff spiked cranberry lime seltzer, cranberries, lime twist Go to Recipe 3. Vampire Vodka Cranberry Cocktail Impress (and freak out) your Halloween party guests with this spooky vodka cranberry cocktail.

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Cranberry sauce tends to get all the attention, but can we just take a minute and appreciate how versatile cranberry juice is for mixing up fabulous cocktails like the "cosmo" (the 90s are making a comeback, y'all). Add a little holiday spice to the mix and you've got the makings for Christmas in a cup.or in a martini glass.

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1 / 12 Taste of Home Cranberry-Jalapeno Martini I describe this cocktail as slightly tart, a little sassy and completely delicious. I make a big batch when I'm hosting a party because it tends to disappear quickly. Garnish these cranberry cocktails with fresh mint and berries for an extra-special touch. —Kelli Haetinger, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Long Beach Iced Tea Drink Recipe. The Long Beach Iced Tea is like a Long Island Iced Tea, except you swap the cola for cranberry juice. It's a tart, refreshing drink. It's also madly strong, so if you want to make it more of a standard drink, just use an ounce and a half of one of the white liquors and leave the rest out.

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1) Cranberry juice cocktail - it's 100% cranberry juice sweetened with sugar. Try to avoid cranberry juice sweetened with high-fructose syrup or corn syrup. 2) Cranberry juice sweetened with other fruit juices such as apple juice, grape juice, and pear juice. This is not 100% cranberry juice but a 100% juice blend.

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01 of 09 Cranberry Sangría Punch Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Karin Olsen; Food Styling: William Smith Recipe: Cranberry Sangría Punch This easy-to-make-ahead punch goes down almost too easy. Add champagne that's been chilled right before serving for the best fizzy results . 02 of 09 Cranberry Moscow Mule

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1. Winter Cranberry Gin Fizz The holidays are upon you, the family is gathering, and you need a warm cocktail that will fill you up with the holiday spirit. That's when you turn to the winter cranberry gin fizz because it has all the spices you crave when it's cold outside. Source: 2.

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The cape cod (or vodka-cranberry) is one of the best-known cocktails to feature cranberry juice. As nice and easy as it is, it could use a little help at times, and there are many fun things you can do with it. For instance, adding a shot of lychee liqueur transforms that happy hour favorite into a sweet red lotus.

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19. Washington Apple Cocktail. Washington Apple might not seem like it belongs on a cranberry cocktail list, but it's actually a classic. Made from apple schnapps, whiskey, and cranberry juice, this sweet and tart cranberry cocktail is a breeze to make and goes down smoothly. It's the perfect fall cocktail, especially for a Halloween party.

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1. Cranberry Mojitos It's time to get the party started with these festive and vibrant cranberry mojitos! With a perfect balance of sweet, tart, and minty, this is all the refreshing drink you'll need. If you think this cocktail requires mad bartending skills, think again. This recipe is actually surprisingly easy to pull off.

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Yes! And no. Alex and I have added a few little elements to our recipe to really make it shine. But it's still one of the easiest cocktails you can make! It's part of a family of highball cocktails: drinks that use a larger portion of a non-alcoholic mixer. What's in our version of a vodka cranberry? Vodka 100% unsweetened cranberry juice