Is there Uber in Rome? Yes, BUT there are Cheaper Options [2023] (2023)

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If you’re planning a trip to Rome, you might wonder if Uber is a thing in the Italian mega-city. After all, this will decide if you need a car rental, how you will get to and from the airport, and a whole bunch of other transportation-related logistics.

Yes, there is Uber in Rome. But, it is expensive compared to a few other options – both for airport transfer and getting around the city. Let’s get into what I learned from the locals, other travelers, and my own travels in Rome and Italy.

My Personal Recommendation


✔️ Private Welcome Transfer
(~$50 vs. Uber at $65)

✔️ Train to Roma Termini Station (~$20, 30 min if no delays)


✔️ Taxi Ride App: FREE NOW (formerly: MyTaxi)

✔️ Public Transportation: CityMapper App

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Is there Uber in Rome?

Yes, but here are a few things you should know before opening Uber in Rome!

Firstly, Uber only operates as Uber XL or Uber Black in Italy and almost always has surcharge prices going, making it the more luxurious and expensive form of transportation. Where the taxis are occupying the cheap and quick market, Uber is niched in the nice black Mercedes with a spiffy-looking driver who provides good music, is likely to speak English, and has a bottle of water in the car for your refreshment.

Secondly, it’s very expensive to get the correct permits to be an Uber driver in Italy, so there are fewer drivers who have the means to do it. And, of course, these fewer drivers then pass that cost down to you as the customer.

Lastly, Uber is only available in 2 big Italian cities: Rome and Milan. A bit of that has to do with legal issues with Uber vs the Italian government & taxi companies. A bit of that also has to do with the high cost of getting a license to legally drive people with your personal car. And a bit of that comes from the high prices of Uber in Rome/Milan compared to other equally great options – making the demand for Uber less in Italy than in most other cities in the world, therefore affecting the supply.

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Is Uber illegal in Italy?

There was a while there, a few years back, when Uber got challenged in Italy by the taxi union and overall bureaucracy that is the Italian government – and yes, it was illegal. But Uber appealed and won, which makes Uber very legal in cities like Rome and Milan.

There are a bunch of taxi drivers who will swear up and down that it’s not legal; just know that they are just “Italian venting” and move about your day. Uber is safe, nice, and very legal in Rome – it’s just the more expensive option and not available everywhere.

Is there Lyft in Rome?

No, Lyft doesn’t operate in Rome.

What are alternatives to Uber in Rome?

There are a couple of alternatives for both airport transfer and getting around the city.

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Airport Transfer without Uber

👉 Recommend: Welcome Transfers

It will always be about $50 with a taxi from Fiumicino Airport to Rome and about $65 with Uber for comparison. Welcome pickups cost as much as a taxi but have the advantages of Uber Black – so to me, it’s a no-brainer!

This is what my company used to rent when we had to travel to Rome, and it’s also what I now personally use when I don’t feel like taking the train to the city center.

BUDGET OPTION: The Leonardo Express train connects Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to Roma Termini Station and costs about $20 each way. The train runs every half hour from 6:40 am – 11:40 pm and is a direct shot from the airport to the city center, taking about 30 minutes total. Be warned, there are usually delays.

Getting around Rome without Uber

  1. Taxi Ride App: FREE NOW (formerly: MyTaxi) This works very similarly to the Uber App, but you’re essentially ordering a taxi. The advantage is that it works in most Italian cities. The disadvantage is that you will have to download a new app and sign up. Once you do this, you can order a taxi and pay through the app, which will be cheaper than ordering an Uber.
  2. Public Transportation: CityMapper App. The metro system or the bus, this app will remember your routes, update you if there are delays, and give you the fastest way to get from one point to another. CityMapper is what I use in megacities like London and Rome.
  3. Walk: Get your steps in. Rome is a beautiful city!

PRO TIP: Do not rent a car if you are just staying in Rome, as traffic and parking are a nightmare. It’s also cheaper to rely on public transport (train, bus) or private tours/transfers if you’re only in and around Rome for a few days.

Taxi, Public Transport, or Uber in Rome?

I prefer public transportation in Rome – 70% of the time, it’s cheaper, it’s very connected, it’s always available, and mostly clean and on time.

That said, it’s 30% of the time when it’s a pain in the ass during the hot summer months, navigating bus/train stops in a foreign language, or meeting an Italian-speaking taxi driver whose credit card machine doesn’t work, and you don’t have Euros on you when you say “fook this!” and just book that Uber.

My Advice: Walk, use public transportation, or hail a taxi unless you’re flustered, in a bit of a rush, or just need to buy the peace of mind of operating UBER, an app you’re familiar with.

3 Travel Tips: Using Uber (or other transport) in Rome

  1. Be careful of people trying to sell you a “cheap ride” from the airport to your hotel. This is an absolute ripoff and will cost you about $40-$50 PER PERSON.

    What’s worse, they usually partner you with other people to maximize spots in the car, and you’ll end up driving around Rome and dropping everyone off. And don’t even get me started if they lie about the price they promised at the airport versus when you get to your Airbnb. Do better than I did that one time a few years back!

    You’re better off taking Uber Black (with the surcharge) than getting in a car promising a “cheap ride”. ❤️ #lifeadvice

  2. Don’t get into a taxi if they don’t use the meter. First of all, not using the meter is illegal. Secondly, this will be a ripoff in the end, as the driver can set their own price at the end of the ride. If you’re in this situation, you should threaten to get out and report them to the “polizei”.
  3. Learn a few Italian phrases. Here are my favorites:
    • Yes – Si (See)
    • No – No (Noh)
    • Please – Per favore (Pehr fah-voh-reh)
    • Thank you – Grazie (Grah-tsee-eh)
    • You’re welcome – Prego (Preh-goh)
    • Where is…? – Dov’è…?
    • How much? – Quanto?
    • What the heck! – Che cavolo!
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How do I get in and out of Rome without Uber? [Day Trips]

There are a couple of ways to get around Italy, and even a few amazing day trips to and from Rome without the hassle of renting a car or having to figure out public transportation.

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Rome to the Amalfi Coast

👉 Recommended Day Trip From Rome: Amalfi Coast & Positano

The Amalfi Coast is an ideal day trip from Rome. It will show you a different side of Italy outside of the busy bustle of Rome. I recommend the day trip above because you get a guided experience plus time to take in the gorgeous views and tastes of the Amalfi (including limoncello, granita, and a buffala mozzarella tasting.)

Is there Uber in Rome? Yes, BUT there are Cheaper Options [2023] (3)

Which is Better: Amalfi Coast or Sicily?

I had trouble deciding as well… and so I did both! Here’s what I learned about how to make a decision based on the vibe, cost, and time you have. Either way, both are easily accessible from Rome.

Rome to the Island of Capri

👉 Recommended Day Trip: From Rome to Capri

Holy moly, I would recommend a few days on this gorgeous and a bit expensive island, but if you only have a day, there are two ways to go about it – a guided tour or brave the logistics yourself.

My recommendation is to splurge on a VIP day trip where the travel logistics are taken care of, and the tour guide is there to inform you about the history, culture, and politics of the region.

If you want to brave it on your own, here’s how:

  1. Take a train to Naples and a ferry to Capri. The fast train goes from Roma Termini central station to Napoli Centrale Station frequently and takes about an hour (train schedule). Take a taxi from the Napoli train station to Molo Beverello in Piazza Municipio, where the fast ferries depart multiple times a day (ferry schedule) to Capri. The fast ferry takes about 1 hour. To spend a full day in Capri, I recommend leaving Rome by 8 am.
  2. Spend a couple of hours visiting the island’s main attractions, including the famous Giardini di Augustofor the most stunning views of the sea and Via Krupp, Arco Naturale, Marina Piccolaoverlooking the famous Faraglioni rocks, and the streets of Capri.
  3. Grab the last ferry from Capri back to Napoli and train to Rome.
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Is there Uber in Rome? Yes, BUT there are Cheaper Options [2023] (5)

Rome to Pompeii

If you’re a lover of ancient history, a day trip to Pompeii is a must, especially as it’s quite simple to get from Rome to Pompeii in a day. I’ve outlined ways to go about it in the link because this is one of the most popular sites to visit in Italy. Lots of things to consider, including time, budget, and personal preferences!

Is there Uber in Rome? Yes, BUT there are Cheaper Options [2023] (6)

2 Weeks Road Trip in South Italy

From Napoli to Sicily, I took this road trip last year and it can only be described as la dolce vita because the food, culture, vibe, and views just filled my heart with all the romanticism that only south Italy can offer.

Rome to Florence

While Pompeii, Amalfi, and Capri are a bit more challenging because you have to switch from train to ferry to bus/car, Florence is more simple. I recommend taking the 1.5-hour train from Roma Termini station to Firenze (Florence). Grab your train tickets here for about $30 and be on your way to the city that launched the Rennaisance.

When in Florence, grab a Free Walking Tour to re-acquaint yourself with the history and lay of the land, main attractions, and general vibe of the city. Then explore, eat, drink, and be merry. I swear, Florence has so many Michelin-rated restaurants one next to the other (and not all are super expensive), it feels like everything is so well done – perfecto!

Is there Uber in Rome? Yes, BUT there are Cheaper Options [2023] (7)


Is there an Uber in Rome? ›

Uber at Rome-Fiumicino is available, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go. Where is the Rome Airport pickup location? Uber pickup locations at airports are subject to change, so to find your pickup location, always check the Uber app after you request a ride.

What do Italians use instead of Uber? ›

Taxi Ride App: FREE NOW (formerly: MyTaxi) This works very similarly to the Uber App, but you're essentially ordering a taxi. The advantage is that it works in most Italian cities.

Is Uber expensive in Rome? ›

Unfortunately for travellers, getting an Uber in Rome is more expensive than getting a regular taxi. This is due to the type of vehicle that Uber uses – Uber Van, Uber Black, and Uber Lux are the types of vehicles available, and they offer a comfortable but expensive ride.

What taxi app works in Rome? ›

MyTaxi. My advice for you is to download FreeNow. The app allows you to order a taxi without speaking in Italian, and it continuously tracks the route. Moreover, you can check the payment information and pay with a credit card, PayPal, or cash when you reach your destination.

What is the best way to get around Rome? ›

The best way to get around Rome is on foot. And because many of the best attractions are clustered together in traffic-free zones, walking makes the most sense. However, some places, like Vatican City, are pretty far from the central historic district, necessitating the use of the metro or a taxi.

How much does Uber cost from Rome airport to city? ›

Transfer comparison
TransportTravel timeCost
Taxi45 Min.50 €
Welcome Pickup45 Min.55 €
Uber45 Min.50‑100 €
Carsharing45 Min.Individ.
3 more rows

What is the cheapest transportation in Rome? ›

Take the Tram

If you are wondering how to get around Rome cheap, public transit is your best bet. Using trams is convenient, especially if you are in the Trastevere area and want to get closer to the center of Rome.

Why is Uber so expensive in Rome? ›

Italy only allows Uber Black (and Uber vans) because drivers must have the town car NCC license in order to operate. Because there is no UberX or UberPOOL, Uber in Italy tends to be more expensive than taxis on average. There is also often high demand and regular surge pricing in Rome.

What is the best taxi app for Italy? ›

FreeNow (formerly mytaxi): the best taxi app in Italy

So, if you do not want to take public transportation from the airport, you can use FreeNow and arrive by cab at one of the destinations covered by the service.

What is Rome alternative to Uber? ›

Free Now is by far the best taxi app in Rome. It's the same concept as Uber but with a taxi driver. It will probably cost less, but the interface is not as easy to use and it requires downloading a new app and signing up for the service.

How much is a taxi from Rome airport to the city center? ›

A taxi from Fiumicino Airport to the center of Rome will take approximately 40 minutes for the 34 km journey and will cost approximately €50.

Do taxis in Rome only take cash? ›

All Rome city taxis are required by law to have POS machines. This means you SHOULD be able to pay with a credit card.

Do you tip in Italy? ›

First off, tipping in Italy is neither mandatory nor expected, but if you do decide to do so, the gesture is a very clear indicator that you appreciated the service provided.

Can I use US Uber app in Italy? ›

It is perfectly legal to use Uber in Rome, and the app works – but it's not the Uber you might be expecting: you will only be able to use the expensive Uber Black, Uber Lux and Uber Van.

What taxi apps are available in Italy? ›

WeTaxi (for iOS and Android)

Created in 2015, it is one of the best apps – the Italians love it! Based on your geolocation, the app allows you to call the nearest taxi, and calculate, on average, the amount you will spend to go to the desired destination. Click here to learn more: WeTaxi.

Is Hop on Hop off worth it in Rome? ›

Hop-on-hop-off bus tours can be a great way to see the main sights of a city, particularly if you're in a hurry. If you're planning to stay for a weekend or just a couple of days, it can be a super convenient way to see the city's main tourist attractions without necessarily having to make a full visit to all of them.

How much is a 3 day metro pass in Rome? ›

It allows unlimited use of public transport for 72 hours from the time it is used for the first time. The price is € 18 ( US$ 19.20).

How do you avoid looking like a tourist in Rome? ›

  1. Drink The Tap Water. ...
  2. Don't Hail A Taxi. ...
  3. Dress Up For The City. ...
  4. Appreciate The Fine Art Of Doing Nothing. ...
  5. Learn Some Italian. ...
  6. Don't Eat In Tourist Hotspots. ...
  7. Know The Difference Between Lunch And Dinner. ...
  8. Eat Your Pasta Like A Local.
Jan 8, 2023

Is Uber or taxi cheaper in Italy? ›

It depends. You do not want to rent a car to get around in cities. Uber is expensive in Italy, since only Uber Black is allowed. So, public transportation (subway, bus, trolley) is the best way to get around most of the time, and taxis are cheap (by American standards) when necessary.

How do I get from Rome airport to hotel? ›

The easiest way to get from Ciampino airport to Rome and your accommodation is via private transfer. Your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall and help with your luggage. You can then relax on the 30-40 minute journey (depending on end location and traffic) to your accommodation in central Rome in comfort.

Which transportation is least expensive? ›

Waterways are the cheapest modes of transport. They are also environmentally friendly because the fuel efficiency in this mode of transport is higher. A larger distance can be covered per unit of fuel.

What is the cheapest option for transportation? ›

Waterways are the cheapest mode of transportation. It is also the most efficient and environment-friendly mode of transportation because the distance travelled per unit of fuel is larger. Thus, waterways are a suitable mode for transporting heavy goods.

How can I spend less in Rome? ›

How to Save Money in Rome
  1. Visit the Colosseum for free. ...
  2. Visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel for free. ...
  3. Make savings with the Roma Pass or Omnia Card. ...
  4. Free museums on 1st Sunday of the month (Domenica al Museo) ...
  5. Free entrance to museums for the following people. ...
  6. Take the bus or train from the airport to Rome.

Should you tip taxi drivers in Rome? ›

In general, tipping taxi drivers in Rome is not necessary however, it is becoming more and more common to round up your bill, especially if it makes change easier. This is entirely discretional, not expected and usually only done if the driver was especially helpful or pleasant.

Are airport taxis expensive in Rome? ›

Official taxi rates to and from both airports: To get to and from Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport will always cost you the same. The journey to/ from Fiumicino costs € 48 ( US$ 51.20) and Ciampino, € 30 ( US$ 32). These prices are valid for up to four passengers and their suitcases.

Is it easy to get taxi in Rome? ›

Getting a taxi's attention in Rome is a little easier than in a city like Manhattan. Rome has convenient taxi “ranks” or signs posted throughout the city. It's usually an orange sign that clearly says “TAXI.” Typically taxis will be lined up, especially if you're at a popular tourist destination or leaving the airport.

What car service apps are in Rome? ›

Roman taxis and ridesharing

Uber is available in Rome as is Blacklane, a more upscale car service. We recommend installing the MyTaxi app, which will connect you to most local taxis. MyTaxi allows you to hail a cab and pay on board, or order a taxi on demand or in advance.

How do you call a taxi in Italy? ›

You can also call +39 06 3570, or send an SMS to +39 366 673 0000, the SMS text should just have your current address. You will receive a request confirmation SMS and few seconds later another SMS indicating that a taxi is on it's way.

How do I pre book a taxi in Italy? ›

The largest company is 06 3570 (that is the entire phone number, but add +39 to the beginning if you are calling from an international phone). Be prepared to speak at least a little Italian when you call. This is your best option for pre-booking to anywhere that is not the airport.

What is a cheaper alternative to Uber? ›

The Best 8 Uber Alternatives to Compete With…
  • Ola Cabs. One of India's most popular ride-hailing services, Ola Cabs, is one of Uber's competitors. ...
  • Lyft. ...
  • Gett. ...
  • goCatch. ...
  • Cabify. ...
  • LeCab. ...
  • Grab. ...
  • Didi Chuxing.

How early do you need to get to Rome airport? ›

two hours prior to departure for domestic and international flights. three hours prior to departure for intercontinental flights.

How do I arrange a taxi in Rome? ›

The Rome city council's number to call a taxi is +39 060609. You can also call +39 06 3570, or send an SMS to +39 366 673 0000, the SMS text should just have your current address. You will receive a request confirmation SMS and few seconds later another SMS indicating that a taxi is on it's way.

How do you pay for transportation in Rome? ›

You have to purchase your tickets before you board any public transport in Rome. Most people will have a pass of one kind or another. Tickets for both the bus system and Metro can be purchased from tobacconists, bars, or vending machines at Metro stations and major bus stops.

Is it better to have cash or card in Rome? ›

In Italy, cash is still preferred in most restaurants, cafes and other establishments, although credit and debit cards are becoming more widely used throughout Italy and are an increasingly convenient way to pay for things. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, although American Express is not.

Is the Metro free in Rome? ›

With the Rome City Pass with public transport, using the public transportation system is for free. With the Rome City Pass with public transport you can use metro lines, as well as buses, trams, and trains within the inner city limits of Rome for free.

Do I need to carry cash in Rome? ›

First, understand that Italy is a very cash-oriented society, so make sure you never end up with zero cash in your wallet. To buy small things, like coffee, you'll need cash. You'll also need cash at all outdoor markets, for most taxis, and at many restaurants.

Does Rome have Uber or Lyft? ›

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Rome

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Rome. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

Are taxis in Rome expensive? ›

Not only are taxis in Rome more expensive than most other European cities, but they are also harder to locate.

What taxi app is used in Italy? ›

itTaxi is the first Italian App to request and pay for a taxi that guarantees you the largest fleet in Italy with over 12,000 cars in more than 87 cities! itTaxi is reliable, intuitive and transparent: quickly organize your travels and book or call your taxi throughout Italy without worries.

Do you tip Uber drivers Rome? ›

You don't need to tip taxi drivers

If you're using a car service like Uber or Free Now (formerly myTaxi), tipping is also not required. But if any driver goes out of his or her way to assist you, it's OK to give a small tip.

Does Lyft work in Rome Italy? ›

Lyft does not run in Rome - and only Uber's limo services are available, which are not good value for money.

How much is a taxi from downtown Rome to airport? ›

The ride between the centre of the city (within “mura Aureliane”) and the airport is 40€ (Fiumicino) and 30€ (Ciampino). This price is for a maximum of 4 people and for a standard taxi from the airport rank.

How much is a taxi from Rome airport to hotel? ›

What is the Taxi Price from Rome Airports to the City Center? You will pay a fixed fare of 48€ for your journey from Fiumicino Airport to any destination in the city center that is located within the Aurelian Walls. A trip between Ciampino Airport and the city center of Rome stands at a fixed rate of 30€.

What is the best app like Uber in Rome? ›

Free Now is by far the best taxi app in Rome. It's the same concept as Uber but with a taxi driver.

Is it easy to take a taxi in Rome? ›

Getting a taxi's attention in Rome is a little easier than in a city like Manhattan. Rome has convenient taxi “ranks” or signs posted throughout the city. It's usually an orange sign that clearly says “TAXI.” Typically taxis will be lined up, especially if you're at a popular tourist destination or leaving the airport.

How to book a taxi in Rome? ›

What is this? Call a 'radiotaxi': caling a taxi on the phone is the mosy populat way to get a taxi in Rome. The taxi company operating the service is called Radio taxi and the official phone number is (06) 3570 .


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