Antalya Airport: How to get and from Antalya International Airport (AYT) (2023)

Antalya Airport is one of the biggest and more importantly, busiest airports in Turkey. With both domestic and international flights, it is one of the first places for tourists to stop from all around the world. Due to the mid of summer season, we intend you to know more about Antalya Airport at the busiest time of the year. Enjoy it!

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The entrance of Antalya Airport

Since it is the summer season, many national and abroad tourists are visiting Turkey. So, in our feuilleton, we would like to introduce you to some of the most-known airports in Turkey, -such as the Istanbul Airport in our previous article. (You should strongly be recommended to glance at it if you haven’t yet!)

History of Antalya Airport

The airport was built to accommodate the millions of passengers who come to Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches in summer. It consists of two international terminals and one domestic terminal. The construction of International Terminal 1 started in 1996 by Bayindir Holding and it was ready for service on 1 April 1998. International Terminal 2 was opened in 2005 and the domestic terminal was opened in 2010. The airport is operated by Fraport TAV Antalya A.S., a joint venture between Fraport AG and TAV Airports.

¤ In July 2011 the airport was selected as Best Airport in Europe (10–25-million-passenger category) by Airports Council International (ACI).

In 2003 the airport handled 10 million passengers, representing an increase of 78% since 1998. According to ACI statistics, Antalya Airport ranked 30th in 2005, 2008 and 2009 for international passenger traffic.In 2008, AYT was theworld’s 30th-busiest airportin international passengers traffic. In 2009, AYT also held its 30th spot in that category among world airports, with 15,210,733 international passengers. By the end of 2010, it rose to the 23rd spot with over 18 million international passengers.

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The inside view of TAV Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport (AYT)

Find all the information regardingAntalya Airport (go to link): Flights (Departures, Arrivals and Airlines), Parking, Accommodation, Car hire, Transport and other information about the Antalya airport. Plan your travel from or to Antalya Airport with the information provided in this article.

Antalya Airport (IATA: AYT ICAO: LTAI) is located 13 kms far from Antalya city centre, in the south-west of Turkey. Antalya is the primary touristic destination on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. More than 27 million passengers used the airport in 2015, 20 million were international passengers.

The airport is close to the main important touristic resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, such as Alanya, Anamur and Manavgat. The airport is connected to Antalya city centre via the D400 road (Gazi Bulvarı) and the journey takes approximately 20 minutes by car.

Antalya is the touristic capital of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is the capital of the province of Antalya and gives its name to one of the largest gulfs of the Turkish coast, the Gulf of Antalya. The population is more than 1.100,000 inhabitants. Situated on a cliff over the Mediterranean, Antalya is surrounded by mountains, and there are some waterfalls such as Duden, Manavgat and Kursunlu.

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Antalya Airport One of the busiest airports in the world

The main attractions of the city include the buildings and elements of Lycia, Pamphylia, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire. Kaleici, with its narrow streets and buildings Turks and Greeks, is the old town of Antalya, now full of hotels, gift shops and bars. The new hotels are mainly located on the very famous beaches of Konyaaltı, Lara and Karpuzkaldıran.

Antalya Airport’s Terminals

Antalya Airport has three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the Domestic Terminal.

Terminal 1

Has three floors with gates from 8 to 15. The ground floor has the Check-In Hall (departures) and the Baggage Claim Hall (arrivals). The second floor has a restaurant and shop services.

Terminal 2

It is the new International Building. On the ground floor has the baggage claim hall. On the first floor, there is passport control and gates 63 and 64. On the second floor, there are gates 60-62 and 65-67.

Domestic Terminal (T3)Serves domestic flights. It has a bus gate are and a check-in hall and the baggage claim hall on the ground floor, on the second floor there are gates from 4 to 7, all included. Both terminals serve about 40% of all tourists coming to Turkey by air.

Antalya Airport in Numbers

– 2 International Terminals (T1 and T2)

– 1 Domestic Terminal (T3)

– 3 runways

– 35 Million of passengers capacity

– In 2015 the airport handled more than 27 million passengers

– It is located 8.1 miles northeast of the city center of Antalya

– It is one of the main airports in the region, with relevant importance during the spring and summer seasons

– Antalya airport is one of the major airports in the southwest of the country

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During the season

Busyness Rate of Antalya Airport in Numbers

Antalya Airport handled 27,724,249 passengers in 2015, 20 million of them were international travellers. These numbers rank the airport among the 30 busiest airports worldwide in terms of international traffic.

The rapid growth of Antalya airport could be seen with the following data:

The year 2002 – 10 Million
The year 2005 – 15 Million
The year 2010 – 22 Million
The year 2015 – 27 Million

And it can be claimed that the number of passengers is going to increase during the next years according to the numbers.

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Antalya Airport on google maps

Lost and Found Office of antalya Airport

Terminal 1 & Domestic Terminal

Phone: +90 (242) 444 7423 – Extension 3129

Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30h to 18:00h. Weekends: From 08:30h to 17:00h.


Terminal 2

Phone: ☎ +90 (242) 444 7423 – Extension 4129

Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30h to 18:00h. Weekends: From 08:30h to 17:00h.


Local Transportation from or to Antalya Airport

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Havas Bus Antalya Airport

Public Bus to and from Antalya airport

Number 600 and 800 public buses shuttle departure every 30 minutes from the airport. Number 600 public bus shuttle line arrives in Antalya Bus Station by passing through the city centre. From there, you can maintain your trip to other regional cities with interline buses to Bodrum, Ankara, Adana, etc. On the other hand, Number 800 goes to Harbour (city centre). Double ticket schedule is applied on buses.

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Antalya Airport Taxi price table

Taxi service of Antalya Airport

There is continuous taxi service at Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and domestic flights. For the “price list”, click the link.

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Antalya Tramway runs between the Airport and the City

Getting by Tramway to or from Antalya Airport

With the infrastructure completed in the first half of 2016, the rail system transportation extending to terminal 1 and domestic lines has been started as of July 2016. Infrastructure works for tramway access to Terminal 2 area are in progress. Tramline; starting from Kepez Fatih Station, Bus Station, Calli, Sarampol, Ismet Pasha, East Garage, Square, Aspendos Boulevard, Serik Street, Airport line follow. On the way out from Antalya Airport, it continues its route on Serik Street and reaches the Expo 2016 fairground in the Aksu district. The return route; is in the opposite direction to the departure route.

Car Rental services in Antalya Airport

Once arrived at Antalya Airport you will probably need to get your own vehicle to move around the coast of Antalya, Turkey. At both terminals of the airport, you can easily find companies offering rental car services. The companies listed below have their own offices in the airport:

National(Yes Oto Kiralama ve Turizm Yatirimlari A.S.): Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 35 57
Europcar(Efa Motorlu Araçlar ve Turizm A.S.): Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 30 68
Hertz(Asya Nakliyat ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti.): Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 34 65
Budget(Otokoç Otomotiv Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.):Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 33 95
Avis(Otokoç Otomotiv Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S):Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 30 73
Filo(Burcu Turizm ve Oto Kiralama Tic.A.S):Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 30 90
Ay-Tu(Ay-Tu Turizm Tic. Ithalat Ihracat Ltd. Sti): Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 31 10
Travelium(Travelium Car Rental):Tel: ☎ +(90) 242 330 30 53

For the official website of Antalya Airport please go to;


How to get from international to domestic terminal Antalya? ›

Transfer between terminals

To transfer to Terminal 2 from both terminals it is needed to take either car, taxi or bus route no. 600, which stops at Terminal 1 and the Domestic Terminal every 30 minutes, since it is located 2.5 miles apart.

How to get from terminal 1 to terminal 2 Antalya Airport? ›

Transfer Between Terminals

To reach Terminal 2 from either terminal, you will need to take a car, taxi, or bus route no. 600. The bus stops at Terminal 1 and the Domestic Terminal every 30 minutes since Terminal 2 is located 2.5 miles away.

How much is taxi from Antalya Airport? ›

Taxi fare from Antalya International Airport

The price of an airport transfer to Antalya's city centre should cost €5 (₺51 TL) and takes around 25 minutes, in normal traffic conditions. To avoid any hidden fees, it is advisable to pre-book your Antalya airport transfer online.

How many terminals are there in Antalya Airport? ›

How many terminals does Antalya Airport have? The airport has three terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for international flights and Terminal 3 (Domestic) for domestic traffic. Terminal 1 is connected to Domestic Terminal, but 2.5 kilometres away from Terminal 2.

How long does it take to get from the international terminal to the domestic terminal in Atlanta? ›

How long does it take to get from the domestic terminal to the international terminal in Atlanta? Walking from the domestic terminal to the international terminal will take around 40 minutes, whereas the Plane Train will take just a few minutes and departs every 2 minutes.

Does Uber work in Antalya? ›

If you are going to visit Antalya, you will definitely use a taxi. We have good news for you, the global technology platform Uber started its service in Antalya as of November 22, 2022. There are several options for taking a taxi in Antalya, Turkey.

Which terminal for international flight in Antalya Airport? ›

Fraport TAV Antalya Airport operates International Terminal 1, International Terminal 2, Domestic Terminal and CIP Terminal. There are two terminals for international flights and one for domestic flights. Airlines from different countries operate in both terminals.

Is there a connection between terminal 1 and 2? ›

T2 is linked to Terminal 1 both landside and airside. This means that if you're a transfer passenger, you can get to your boarding gates quickly and without a fuss. As the anchor tenant, Aer Lingus occupies 28 check-in desks in the west-end of the check-in building.

Can you go through terminal 1 to get to Terminal 2? ›

Transferring Between Terminals at Dublin Airport

An indoor walkway connects the Departures Area in Terminal 1 with the Arrivals Area of Terminal 2. From Terminal 1, exit the baggage reclaim area, turn right and take the escalator up to the next floor. The walkway is across from Check-In Area 1.

Is Uber more expensive than taxi in Turkey? ›

Turquoise Uber Taxis are quite rare in Istanbul, so keep that in mind if you need to get somewhere on time. They are typically 15% more expensive than regular yellow taxis.

Is it easy to get a taxi at Antalya Airport? ›

There are taxi stands located in front of the arrival exits of all terminals. All taxi drivers have special airport identification tags. Website of our cooperative taxi company is: It is also possible to make an online reservation.

Which taxi is cheaper in Turkey? ›

Istanbul taxi fare

Turquoise taxis are around 15% more expensive and black taxis are twice as expensive as yellow taxis.

How long does it take to get through security at Antalya Airport? ›

How long should we expect it to take with passport control, collecting luggage and getting to the taxi, on average. In my experience it's usually about an hour. It will depend how many flights land at a similar time to yours as to how quick you get through passport control.

How long do you need to be at Antalya Airport before flight? ›

It is recommended to check in at least 2-3 hours prior to your flight's departure. Click here to find out from which terminal your airline operates.

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines in Antalya Airport? ›

Departures Terminal:

Turkish Airlines operates both in Terminal D - Domestic, Terminal 1 and in Terminal 2.

Which terminal is domestic flight in Antalya? ›

Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal is the sole facility in charge of domestic and regional services in AYT Airport. It is also known as Terminal 3.

Is Antalya Airport domestic or international? ›

Antalya Airport (IATA: AYT, ICAO: LTAI) (Turkish: Antalya Havalimanı) is a major international airport located 13 km (8.1 mi) northeast of the city center of Antalya, Turkey. It is a major destination during the European summer leisure season due to its location at the country's Mediterranean coast.

How long does it take to transfer from Antalya Airport? ›

Airport transfers Antalya

Antalya Airport is around eight miles (13km) from Antalya city centre and it takes around 15 minutes to get there on the D400 road. The stylish resort of Belek is around a half-hour drive away, while the journey to glitzy Lara Beach will take around 15 minutes.


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